All sales are final. Most of the assets sold on this site are digital, therefore there is no guarantee that once a request for refund is made that the asset will be deleted or returned to Visum Supply Co. If you are having trouble using the assets you purchase, we are more than happy to give guidance or instructions if needed.

About The License


All assets sold on this website are accompanied with a license for use, which all follow the following standards for Personal Use, Commercial Use, and Resale (Forbidden) as described below.

Personal Use

Personal use is defined as used for projects where there is no potential for financial or monetary gain. If it is for personal use, you may use the purchased asset in unlimited number of projects.

Commercial Use

If you plan to use the asset in a project for monetary gain, you may use the asset in one project use. For example, if you plan to use the product to market or display the t-shirt designs on a clients website, the use of the template can be used for that client and that client only. However, this does that restrict you to the number of times your use the product for said client/project. If your client has multiple shirt designs displayed on the website, or in catalogs, feel free to use the template as many times as necessary. You cannot use the template for multiple clients (for example: for a specific clothing company, and then used for barber shop’s promotional shirt, or another clothing company).

Resale of Asset or Template

It is strictly forbidden to resell any assets, templates, or downloads from this website, including any assets that are offered as “freebies.” Visum Illustration and Design, LLC reserves the right to recover damages occurred as the result of the resale of any assets, templates, or downloads offered on this website.


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